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Hi There!!

My name is Lauren and I'm the owner of Writing for His Glory!! Writing for His Glory has been a dream for a long time, and was established in October of 2022. I am currently a college student in the Business and Marketing Management Technology major to start my own online business, including a blog and a store! I'm so happy that you're here, and I hope that my blog encourages you <3

All About Me

My name is Lauren Makenzie, and I've loved to write for years now. I started writing pieces on my phone whenever I felt inspiration come to me starting back in early 2019, and I knew then that God was wanting to use me in this way to reach others and glorify Him.

This business is called Writing for His Glory because when I write, I write for Jesus and not for my own gain. I write specifically what the Lord calls me to write, and what He thinks you all need to hear. I believe that God can reach hearts through blog posts and online encouragement, and even though I don't know some of you by face, I started this so that if anyone needs a friend and needs encouragement in times of stress or sadness that they will be pointed to Jesus and loved through my blog posts! Writing for His Glory serves two purposes: To point you to Jesus and to be a friend if you need one.

I've started with free, weekly blog posts, but stay tuned!! Soon, I'll be selling eBooks for Christians who would like to learn more about Jesus, and who feel like they could use help on their devotion to God's word and with spending time with Him! I'm looking forward to the future of this business. All glory to Jesus!

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