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Christian songs to listen to for worship

If you're looking for some new songs to worship to, I made a list of ten of my favorites right now. These songs have been close to my heart for a while now, and even though I don't listen to worship music 24/7, these songs really point me to Jesus and how much He loves us.

My definition of worship is any way that you express to God how good He is, how loving He is, or blessing him. Worship is showing your gratitude to God no matter the circumstance. Some of these songs are sung out of bliss and joy, while some of the others are sung out of sorrow and faith. I love all different kinds of worship, even worship that isn't music.

You can worship God and tell Him how much you love Him through journaling, talking, thinking, or any other way of love and gratitude that you have for Him.

If you're having a hard time worshipping, I get it. Sometimes the last thing I want to do is listen to christian music, sadly. There are days when I don't listen to christian music, and there are days where I listen to a lot of christian music. I think it's important to find christian music that you like as an individual and that resonates with you, but it's also important to worship God in other ways as well.

Some days we just need that perfect song to listen to without singing a word. Hopefully some of these songs will point you to Jesus in the good and bad days equally!

"Promises" by Maverick City Music, Naomi Raine, and Joe L Barnes

This song will give me chills. It is so intricately designed, and points me to God's character and actions towards His people.

If you need to remember how much God has been there for you, and if you might need your heart softened, this song is for you. It points to the goodness of God, and what He's done, in the midst of someone's hardship. All around it is a beautiful song!

"Know You Will" by Hillsong UNITED & Benjamin William Hastings

Literally one of my most listened to christian songs in the last year or two! This song is similar to "Promises", but speaks more on how God is stronger than all of your hardships and that He will make a way in every circumstance. It is a song that will help strengthen your faith when you need an extra boost. The artist doesn't sing like he has it all together-but points to how God holds everything and he will put his faith in Him.

"I've Witnessed It" by Passion & Melodie Malone

This is a newer song by Passion, but also one of my most listened to recently. This is a song to play in the car on the way to work or school and just sing your heart out. The live version has extra lyrics, making it almost an eight-minute song! Melodie Malone sings about how Jesus has resurrected from the grave and He is still resurrecting now in our lives. She sings about how Jesus is worthy of our praise and that no matter our circumstance, we should remember His faithfulness and goodness.

"See A Victory" by Elevation Worship

You probably already know this one, but if you're having a hard time trusting God in this season or you need to remember who He is, this is a good one. The artist speaks about who God is through hardships. This song is for you if you are going through a rough day or season. If you feel defeated today, check out this one!

I hope that at least one of these songs will encourage you today. Thank you for reading, and all glory to Jesus!

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