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10 fun living room designs to transform the spaces in your home

In this post I'll be reviewing pictures and describing what styles and elements bring to a home and what it will say to your guests. This post is exclusively for living room get togethers for groups like family and friends.

Keep scrolling to find fun ways to decorate your living room!

1. Try the bohemian, neutral, and hint of western look for a fun, calming afternoon get together with friends

This cute and southern living room reminds me of a place where girl groups would go to drink coffee, study, and talk together.

My favorite elements of this room are the plants scattered evenly across the room, how the natural light hits the couch and the grey walls, and the wooden accents in the furniture and wall art.

The macrame and the woven seat bring in bohemian vibes, while the couch, rug, and walls bring in a neutral tone to balance the room.

How to create this look:
  • Paint your walls white or a light grey tone

  • Use neutral curtains and allow natural light in

  • Bring wooden elements only into some of the wall decorations and furniture like the coffee table

  • Find wall art of your favorite farm animal- it doesn't have to be the animal on the picture

  • Add plants to the walls and tables

2. A classy yet southern layout for smaller families

When I saw this picture I immediately imagined Christmas morning with the Christmas tree replacing the tree in the right corner. If you have wooden beams on your ceiling, then this could be great inspiration for your living room if you prefer cozy, small to moderate spaces for your home.

I love the white aspects across the whole room! This creates a modern look, while the wooden and earthy tones bring in the cozy feel. This space can also be perfect for long conversations with the girls and coffee breaks. You can also use this design for a sitting room/ dining room if you want to do something different with those spaces.

How to create this look:
  • Face your furniture towards each other instead of a tv

  • Paint your walls white

  • Install black windows to contrast with white walls

  • Black hardware is a must!

  • Use matching plants and parallel them across the room from each other

  • Play around with a pattern or two

3. An adorable mix of farmhouse and Scandinavian styles for bible studies, movie night, and game night

I love how this space shows a light tone with the light fixtures, white walls, and light furniture but the wooden floor and furniture contrast it. This is a cute layout for 4-5 people, as the couch will fit 3-4 people and there's an additional chair to the side. People could also sit on the fireplace if there are more than 5 people.

How to create this look:
  • Invest in a quality rug

  • Paint walls and trim white- and if possible, your fireplace too

  • Use a large, square coffee table for game nights

  • Decorate with pillows and blankets that everyone will love

  • Lanterns!!

4. A space for a man cave, guys nights, and unwinding after a long day

Apart from the white aesthetic, this room is darker yet calming. The art and the accent wall both bring a unique element to a space that homes don't automatically have. So if you create this space, it will most likely be a one-of-a-kind.

If you're looking for a cool space to hang with the guys and watch a football game with, then this space could be a good option for you. Aside from guys night, this looks like a fun room to drink coffee and unwind in after a hard day.

How to create this look:
  • Paint one wall an accent color like a shade of black or forest green and leave the other walls white

  • Black furniture with mixed in wood is a must

  • Invest in leather furniture for this space

  • Swivel chairs and ottomans are fun picks for this space

  • Hang pictures of your favorite hobbies on the wall or set them on a shelf

  • Add a coffee bar

  • Find a dark rug to complete the look

5. A modern, clean, and luxurious layout for holiday get togethers

This space looks perfect for a Thanksgiving dinner and Christmas lunch. It has the perfect table setup with oversized chairs, and lots of seating in the living room. The contrast of light with dark is amazing in this home, as the cabinets and table are darker, but the chairs and walls are white. The grey couch brings together the whole space.

How to create this look:
  • In an open floor plan, place the couch with its back to the kitchen table to create a small division between the two

  • Add glass and metal vases and other decor for the luxurious aesthetic

  • Stack books vertically on the shelves

  • Once again, all white walls and trim bring the room to a modern and clean state.

  • This space has plants, but not anywhere near as much as others. Limit to two plants in the space

  • Place your favorite art on the wall. Abstract and neutral art will do nicely!

  • Replace brown with grey

  • Use white lights instead of yellow lights

6. Try a cozy and trendy look for younger crowds

What I like about this space is that it is feminine, comfy, and classy. It has a hint of farmhouse in it with the shiplap wall and the dark wooden floors, but the trees, white couch, and airy curtains make it look feminine.

This can go well for college dorms, small first homes, and even condos. If you're looking for a space to talk with the girls with coffee and dessert, then this spot is an adorable design for that. You could also add a couch on the other side of it to face the first couch, or add two comfy chairs across the coffee table for more seating.

How to create this look:
  • If the farmhouse look is your style, add shiplap as an accent wall

  • Add either a real or faux Fiddle leaf fig tree, Eucalyptus tree, or olive tree

  • Bring decor and other things higher up the room; have minimal objects touching the floor

  • Add macrame and woven decorations

  • White and cream furniture, walls, and pillows will make this look comfy

  • Moderate to dark wooden floors will help contrast the light tones

7. Bring eclectic and apartment room vibes into your space

If you own a condo or an apartment of any kind, this space could be perfect for you! It's small and reasonable for a small number of people but can hold more people if you have guests come over. It would be a great match for a college group get together.

The mix of leather, blue, and green make the eclectic look come alive, while the windows beside the space bringing in the natural light will make any space look like an apartment room. I like the love for plants in this room, along with the different tones of brown in the wood, cabinets, and shelf.

How to create this look:
  • Use dark or leather colors for the couch

  • Bring your favorite accent colors into the walls and cabinets

  • Place plants generously in the room

  • Add many patterns in the room to make it fun

  • For hardware either go with wooden or black styles

8. Use coastal and masculine styles in your living room for a beach house

This looks like the perfect summer hangout after hours in the pool or ocean! It could also be the perfect vacation house on the beach. The pillows, blankets, and blue tones alone make it coastal, while the grey and dark tones bring in a masculine touch.

How to create this look:
  • Ocean art is a must!

  • If this is a beach house, try installing tile or concrete flooring

  • Bring in a blue statement piece to the space (this could be the couch, decorations, the rug, or even pillows and blankets)

  • If you're leaning more towards the masculine look, take the colors of this picture but take away the patterns and art

  • The black accent wall is a masculine touch!

  • Natural light is important to this space

9. Try a living room with rustic and futuristic tones mixed together

When I saw this space, I immediately thought that the designer wanted a modern room yet included some rustic and earthy elements in it, which I love! The lighting, walls, and seating speak modern into the room- but the floor, pattern of the rug, the clock on the wall, and the wooden tv center and blinds remind me of a 70s home.

If you like a mix of the past and the present, this could be a good pick.

How to create this look:
  • Write down what antiques and older styles you like, and what Modern and futuristic elements you like. This will give you the best mix in your space. (For example, if you love Coca-Cola, add in those decorations across your home. If you like big, LED light fixtures, add those to your space)

  • Choose between the wall or the floor to bring in older styles, and use the other as the modern element. The floor in this picture looks less modern, and the walls are very modern

  • Don'y overdue decorations; this picture has only two.

10. For family nights, this comfy and neutral space is perfect

This is the best spot for the whole family to gather around and watch a new movie together. This could also be a great game night space, or a bible study space. I like how the furniture is positioned to all be crowded around the table and faced towards the tv.

How to create this look:
  • Find a big coffee table to be the center of the space

  • Crowd furniture around the coffee table as much as you can

  • Find fun, comfy pillows to place around the room

  • Natural colors like white, cream, beige, etc. are good colors to add in this kind of space

  • Bring together the whole space with a large, soft rug

That's it! Those are ten different looks that can be great spaces for groups to gather and get to know each other in. I hope that you liked this post and found some good advice to transform your living room into your favorite design.

- Lauren @