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Valentine’s Day gifts that everyone will love

Every year when Valentine's Day comes around I get so excited because it's a time to really put some thought into giving gifts to the ones you love.

You might be wondering what to grab for your boyfriend or girlfriend, husband or wife, friends, family, etc. and don't know where to start.

On this blog post, I won't just be sharing gifts that you can buy or make for your partner, but for anyone special in your life that you want to get a Valentine's Day gift. I'll be sharing gift ideas that you can get anyone. I hope these ideas help you!

1. A food basket

You can't go wrong with food! Everyone loves food in their own way- it's up to you to customize this gift to their liking, which makes this gift a very thoughtful and loving gift.

If your gift is going to someone with allergies, make them homemade desserts or snacks! This will show them that it's not just about a rose and a piece of chocolate, but you care about them specifically. Valentine's Day is popular for chocolate and roses- but going above and beyond that and getting this person what they'll actually enjoy is what they will remember.

Some recommendations I have for this is one bag of their favorite candy, one serving of their favorite dessert, their favorite snack, and a bag of their favorite coffee/tea or a soda. You could find either a box or a cute, open basket and put wrapping paper underneath the food. If you really want to take it further, find a reusable box/ basket that you know they'll like to use in the future. If your Valentine likes wooden boxes, go with that!

2. A planned activity

This one doesn't just have to be romantic! If you want to take your friend to brunch and sing your favorite songs to the top of your lungs in your car on the way, do this!

If you want to drive to a open spot and watch the sunset with some coffee and blankets, this is a great way to have an unforgettable time with anyone.

If you want to plan something with your parents, you could take them out to dinner and dessert and have an uninterrupted night just being with them around the holiday.

This one can be sweeter than a gift because it's a memory that you're making with that person. It can come in the form of dressing up and taking pictures, baking together, playing your favorite games all night, or binge watching that series that you're both hooked on.

3. A wishlist box

If you know someone's wishlist, why not get them a few of the things they would want on their shopping list? People think that on Valentine's Day, you have to make it pink and full of hearts to be a Valentine's Day gift- but what if you got that person the video game they've been saying for, the crazy socks they commented on the other day, and that cute hanging plant? Make the person's gift unique to them and exactly as they'd want it.

4. Make them a card yourself

Alongside a gift, a sweet card that you made can be an unforgettable thing to give someone. I like to surf Pinterest and find a cute theme to draw on the cover, and then write a long message on the inside about how I feel about that person, with maybe a few jokes based on the occasion.

My motto with this is that you wanna make them laugh and cry in the same card! This way, they will know that you put time into thinking about them, and actually meant every word you wrote!

A few more tips

When it comes to showing someone how much you love them on Valentine's Day- romantic or not romantic- it doesn't have to be just what people put on the Valentine's Day aisles at the front of a store. As long as you give them a gift from the heart it will be the best thing you can get them!

You might find that before, you couldn't think of a gift other than their favorite drink, chocolate, and roses, but now, you're remembering that sweater and socks that you've heard them talk about.

Maybe your dad has been talking about a watch lately and you could surprise him with it. Maybe your friend has been talking about a pair of shoes and has saved them on her Pinterest board a dozen times.

The biggest tip I have for you is to just get a gift that you know they would absolutely love, regardless of whether it looks like Valentine's Day or not. You could use the five senses method for a gift, or use a gift basket as your layout. You could dress it up in a Valentine's Day themed bag, and they will probably never know that you will be getting them that special something that they've been wishing for.

Thanks for reading!

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