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Walking through a valley- How to rely on God when walking through a tough season

All of us have been in seasons that feel low, depressing, stressful and hard. In those times, a lot of us try to ignore the valley that we're in. We try to muscle through the pain and find the mountaintop as soon as we can, ignoring it and making sure nobody else notices. But what God has taught me through multiple seasons in a valley has been a different story.

Don't ignore the valley, but walk with God through the valley

It's easy to want to ignore our hardships if we can. But I've found that God isn't the God of ignoring the hard times to get to the good moments. He cares about your hardships and struggles, and he doesn't look down on you for having them. He wants to walk through these seasons with you into the good seasons.

If you're scared, walk with God through your fear. If you're sick, walk with God through your sickness. If you're depressed, angry, or anxious of the future, walk with God through those things.

He doesn't expect you to carry it all on your shoulders. The truth is, although we try to do this, we're not strong enough on our own. Thank God for his guidance and protection over your life and allow him to walk you through this season.

God can paint a beautiful picture through your life in the valley just as much as on the mountaintop.

God is a God who can turn all things out for good for those who love him (Romans 8:28). He can turn things around for good!

God doesn't just look at your season of hard times and decide to come back to you when you're having a good time, and then use you. He uses the hard seasons as well to work in the lives of his children because he loves us like a parent loves their child. He also uses this to connect believers together and walk together.

God has a purpose for your life when you're on the mountaintop, and he has a purpose for your life when you're in the valley

No matter what season you are in, God has a purpose for you. He is working in your life come good or bad days. He doesn't become afraid when a bad season comes your way- he already knows the outcome, he is strong enough to get you through anything this world can throw at you, and he has already prepared a place in heaven for his children, so hold his hand and give him your worries through the tough seasons.

Every time, I've noticed that God has taught me some good things through the hard seasons. Look back on your life and remember the ways that God has always shown up for you.

When I looked up the definition of a hardened heart, it said that a hardened heart is one that forgets what the Lord has done for them. By remembering our walk with God and how he's been there for us on the good and bad days, we can soften our hearts to the Lord. Have peace knowing that God will always be there for you, and he will never change.

God doesn't intend for you to stay in the valley

"For I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord. Plans to prosper you and not harm you, plans to give you a future and a hope." -Jeremiah 29:11

Even though the season you're in right now feels eternal- know that it's not. God will not leave you in this spot. He doesn't delight in your pain and suffering but he saves you from it and gets you out of it himself.

Sometimes we can blame God for what we don't have or what we're going through- but God never intends to harm us. Ever. God is on your side and has a future and a hope for you.

God doesn't leave you alone in the valley but is right there with you in the valley.

I've experienced this so many times in my life. Through sicknesses, depression, anxiety, loneliness, and more, God walked in the valley and found me. He came to me when I needed him and grabbed my hand.

I can't even begin to comprehend the fullness of his love for his children. He will always be there for you even when you got there due to your own faults and sins. That's how much he loves you.

God allows us to walk through valleys to grow our faith and to be there for the next person walking through a valley

In the Bible, Jesus mentions a reason why he comforts us:

“Who comforts us in all our affliction, so that we may be able to comfort those who are in any affliction, with the comfort with which we ourselves are comforted by God.” -2 Corinthians‬ ‭1‬:‭4‬ ‭

Love on the people walking through a valley like God loved on you in your valley.

This is what God wants us to do. He desires for people to be there for each other and to not do things alone in life, and I think that's beautiful.

God created the mountaintops and the valleys beside each other for a reason

It's easy to love the mountaintops and hate the valleys, but again, sometimes it takes a valley to reach a mountaintop. Valleys are usually located in between mountains and hills. In life, there are ups and downs all the time, sort of like valleys and mountains between each other. Throughout all of these ups and downs, God is there with each one. You may never know what's around the corner.


"Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for you are with me; your rod and staff, they comfort me." -Psalm 23:4


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Awesome message! We really needed to hear this!! Love ya! 🩷

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Love you too 🩷


Faeza Morales
Faeza Morales
13 de out. de 2023

Thank you for this message! It was perfectly worded. Love you!

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Aww thank you for reading! Love you too!


Lauren is hits home for me and is written so beautifully. He’s holding our hands! Precious! Love you

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Thank you so much! I’m so happy that you’re encouraged. Love you!

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