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3 Things I’ve Learned About Praising God

How do you praise God?

I think that this question is very important for Christians, and there’s not one right answer. For everyone, it can be different.

The Psalms are full of many types of praises to God. Not only are these praises of joyfulness, but praises in the midst of sadness, fear, or stress.

David wrote his thoughts and praises to God while being chased by Saul and while in hiding from him.

In his scariest moments, he talked to God and praised him.

Praise is such an important aspect of life, and also a part of life that can easily get twisted. A lot of us grow up thinking we have to praise God a certain way and act a certain way or else. Some of us have walked away from God due to the obligations that people have tried to form religion into being.

If you look at praise only as something that will reward or punish you based on your actions, then you’re seeing praise falsely. You will have a hard time praising God if it is viewed this way.

I’ve viewed praise before as an obligation that brings punishment if not performed, something that I “need to do in order to be a good Christian”, but God’s shown me that praise isn’t supposed to feel like that at all.

Imagine you’re with a friend and they demand that you praise them for ten minutes minimum every single day or you're not a good friend. Sounds weird, doesn’t it?

God wants us to praise him, but he never demands for us to like this. Think about what you truly like about God, how he’s been there for you and how you’ve seen Him work specifically in your life. You’ll soon realize that voicing these things to him in whichever way you like will be a way more genuine way of praise than the first example.

The thing is, we’re all figuring this out, but praise isn’t based on our qualifications as a righteous person. God wants to hear from all of us in our own way, even on the days that we don't feel righteous at all.

The person beside you might praise the Lord through singing, but maybe you like to praise the Lord through writing in your journal. You might see people on Instagram dancing for God, but you like to quietly sit in nature and talk to Him. All of these are considered praising God.

The more we personalize praise to God, the more natural it will feel.

Praising God is declaring who he is and what he does no matter who you are or what you’ve done. Praise should feel real to each person in their own way.

This never has to do with your day, your mood, or your situation, but it’s all about God. The devil might discourage you in this area. It’s harder to worship when we’re sad or stressed, but we need God just as much in these times as we do on the good days.

Praise can be different each day.

Sometimes I like to praise God in the car on the way to class, sometimes I like to talk to God in my room. Praise can be different depending on what you feel is natural and genuine towards God.

Whatever personally makes you grow closer to the Lord, no matter who beside you claims a different way of praise is better, is worth doing.

Remember that you have a relationship with God. You are his family.

This week, think about some ways that you’ve loved to spend time with God and praise him. It might not be similar to those around you, but if it’s genuinely how you like to praise God, then you’re pleasing God.

So, how do you praise God? Whether it’s talking to him, writing, creating art, or being thankful and expressing that to Him, know that you aren’t missing the mark for pleasing Him.

“Enter his gates with thanksgiving, and his courts with praise! Give thanks to him; bless his name!”

‭‭- Psalm‬ ‭100‬:‭4‬ ‭ESV‬‬

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